Press Meet @Amazing Thailand

  The official Press Meet for the Amazing Thailand Food V2.0 was conducted last week at The Bakery, Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata. The event saw the likes of some eminent guests and media persons. The long planned event was successful as it ushered a huge uproar among people. The tour which is about to happen... Continue Reading →


New Menu Launch @Indies

  Non Vegetarians often hate it when they hear that they have to eat veg. We find it to be boring and monotonous, isn't it? Well, that's not the case Everytime. Vegetarian meals can too have varieties and they can be equally appealing and tasty.   Don't believe me?   Go and experience it with... Continue Reading →

Asian Food Fest @ Zodiac XII

  XII Zodiac is celebrating the Chinese New Year which is celebrated on 16th of February every year with great oomph. XII Zodiac is making the Chinese New Year special by launching the Asian Food Fest. Located in the Fern Residency near City Centre 2, this place is a unique one as they provide you... Continue Reading →


 “OHHFF! Ebar ja thanda porechhe, tate jomiye Pithe khawa jabe” probably are the words which we Bengalis are uttering as the Makar Sankranti, which is popularly known as “Poush Parbon” in Bengal, has already been arrived in the domestic households. Being a bengali, I have grown up witnessing several rituals which have become the part... Continue Reading →

!!!Palak Paneer!!!

Palak Paneer is one of the favourite vegetarian dish and is quite popular in North India. Palak has lots of fibre and protein in it so it is quite healthy as well as tasty. So, for all the vegetarians this is actually a delight to them. It is very easy and can be made at... Continue Reading →


  During the journey to Kolkata, whenever the bus is passing by the Brabourne Road-Ezra street crossing, we can hear the bus-conductor is shouting ‘Tea Board Tea Board’ and this reminds us how in our daily lives we are associated with Tea! In the morning, if the Tea is not good, then our moods become... Continue Reading →

Bloggers meet @Aminia

Aminia is serving this city since 1929 and is growing each day. It has already spread out its branch all over Kolkata. You name some of the famous restaurants of Kolkata and Aminia certainly fits into top 3 among them. In today’s world with continuous competition Aminia has recreated and incorporated new dishes to their... Continue Reading →

Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

  Teriyaki is a Japanese way of cooking meat in soya sauce, sake, mirin, honey and ginger. It is very popular in Japan. Though, sake and mirin are not so readily available in Kolkata’s market, therefore, I have substituted it with orange juice, brown sugar. Though, the taste remains the same.  Try this at home... Continue Reading →

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