Kesar Firni

Just like Eid is incomplete without Eddi, similarly Edi is also incomplete without delicious food. The Mughlai cuisine offers some lip-smacking desserts like sheer khurma or sevai, firni etc. Today, on the occasion of Eid_ul_fitr, I tried this Homemade Kesar Firni.




  • Milk
  • Sugar (4tbsp)
  • Yellow food colour (optional)
  • Basmati rice (1/2cup)
  • Kesar
  • Cardamom (2-3)
  • Dry fruits (cashew nuts, pistachio, raisins)
  • Clay Firni pots




Take half cup of basmati rice or any kind of rice and soak it for 3-4 hours or overnight.

In a pan, add milk and continuously stir it so that the milk doesn’t get burnt. Allow the milk to boil for at least 15mins in a low flame and keep stirring it. When the milk gets reduced and thick, add 4tsbp of sugar and few crushed cardamoms in it. You can also use cardamom powder. Now take a mixer grinder, add the soaked basmati rice or any kind of rice and grind it to get a thick, coarse paste. Take the paste out of the grinder and add it to the milk and again start stirring it. Now one by one start adding the dry fruits like cashews, pischatus, and raisins and mix it properly .

Take few strands of kesar in a bowl and add warm milk and mix it well and when you get the desired colour, add the mixture in the milk and keep stirring it. Now start adding the dry fruits and turn off the flame and allow it to cool.

Take the clay firni pot, wash it properly and transfer the mixture in it.Garnish it with some kesar or cashew  and refrigerate for atleast 4-5hours to allow it to set properly. 

Your Eid special Firni is ready.






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