Macazzo Mania!!!


Located at 64, Southern Avenue, just beside the Rabindra Sarovar stadium, Macazzo is not hard to spot. It is in the lane of Menoka cinema and it can be seen from the main road situated just beside the ICICI bank ATM. With so many cafes and restaurants all around Kolkata, Macazzo definitely gave me a different hint of feeling the moment I stepped inside it. Starting from the well decorated interiors, to such well mannered people serving and not to forget the food, this place is a must for every food lover. The place is well decorated and gives a Hollywood cinematic vibe to the customers, which is very unique and different from other cafes in the city.


The ambience is great with well decorated lights and music. The theme of the restaurants is based on Hollywood cinema- the posters, the wall–hangings; the lights portray some of the iconic Hollywood movies, is a treat for all movie lovers. Since they didn’t have much people to serve, therefore the food took some time to get served. However, those who were serving were warm and gentle in their behaviour. 

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Though the place is not so spacious and the tables are a bit too small for the customers yet the food is their USP. The food is something which will instigate me to visit the place once again. I ordered Darjeeling Platter (Chicken) and Bourbon Glazed BBQ Chicken – they totally lived up to my expectation specially the Darjeeling Platter.


It had chicken sausages, salamis, meat loaf, buttered toast. The meat was well cooked and it was soft and tender. The Bourbon Glazed BBQ Chicken was also nice but I felt the coating was a bit too hard and the presentation could have been better.

The prices are very cheap compared to what other cafes are offering .I was satisfied with the quantity they served.This is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and is very affordable. Plus they don’t charge extra tax which is an added advantage. The average cost for two people is 500 (approx).

So who ever reading this review, I would recommend you to visit this place for once and try the Darjeeling Platter, Nasi Goreng Chicken along with the Brownie Shake.


 *Keep Exploring* *Keep Eating*

 *Thank You*





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