During the journey to Kolkata, whenever the bus is passing by the Brabourne Road-Ezra street crossing, we can hear the bus-conductor is shouting ‘Tea Board Tea Board’ and this reminds us how in our daily lives we are associated with Tea! In the morning, if the Tea is not good, then our moods become... Continue Reading →


Bloggers meet @Aminia

Aminia is serving this city since 1929 and is growing each day. It has already spread out its branch all over Kolkata. You name some of the famous restaurants of Kolkata and Aminia certainly fits into top 3 among them. In today’s world with continuous competition Aminia has recreated and incorporated new dishes to their... Continue Reading →

The breath-taking ‘Blue and Beyond’

Rooftops Restaurants have always been my favourite because of the breathtaking view it provides. Located at Lindsay Street in Esplanade, Blue & Beyond isn't hard to spot if you know the place thoroughly. It is just opposite the Simpark Mall. This place is just perfect for any occasion- be it a romantic date or birthday... Continue Reading →

10 Famous Eateries of Kolkata

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” -Julia Child. Indians are always widely known as food lovers. But, we Bengalis tend to take it up a notch higher as we are passionate about it. We relish our Pulao, Machher kaalia (Fish kaalia), Golda Chingrir (Lobster) malaikari, kosa mangso (mutton) in the same... Continue Reading →

Macazzo Mania!!!

Located at 64, Southern Avenue, just beside the Rabindra Sarovar stadium, Macazzo is not hard to spot. It is in the lane of Menoka cinema and it can be seen from the main road situated just beside the ICICI bank ATM. With so many cafes and restaurants all around Kolkata, Macazzo definitely gave me a... Continue Reading →

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