Chicken Cheese Alfredo Pasta

The love for Italian cuisine is growing day by day and so does the love for pasta. Here is a quick try of the famous Italian dish . Try them and let me know in the comment section below.   Ingredients Penne Pasta Chicken Cheese (Mozzarella) Butter Milk Corn Any vegetables of your choice Flour... Continue Reading →


Cheesy Pizza

Pizza's are our everytime partner. Whenever we feel hungry, the only thing that comes to our mind is Pizza. Stuck in office, bad mood, when mom is not at home, hostle party, unplanned birthday party or even mood swings---- for everything and anthing this is something our generation swear by.  So this time I did... Continue Reading →


Choco Trufflues is compeletly a delight to eat and is super easy to make with very little ingredients. So try this at home . Ingredients Chocolate Oreo Biscuit (20 pieces) Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Condensed Milk (1 small bowl) Butter Sprinklers Wax/baking paper     Method Take two large packets of Choco Oreo Biscuit or... Continue Reading →

!!!Homemade Bread Pizza!!!

We all get cravings at some weirdest hours when may be our nearest Dominos or PIZZA HUT outlets cannot suffice our need... therefore presenting the easy homemade Bread Pizza which can make you content for the time being.   INGREDIENTS Bread Butter Tomato sauce/Pizza Sauce Pizza cheese Red Bell Pepper Yellow Bell Pepper Tomato Sweet... Continue Reading →

Doi Sorshe Ilish

Nothing can deter a true Bong from enjoying the hilsa in monsoons. So, this monsoon season relish with Ilish. INGREDIENTS Ilish Mach (Hilsa) (4piece) Black and White Mustard paste (3tbsp) Cumin seed (2tbsp) Curd (150gms) Chillies (3-4) Mustard oil (5tbsp) Turmeric (1tbsp) Salt Sugar   PROCEDURE Take the raw ilish mach (hilsa) in a bowl... Continue Reading →

Intense Choco Lava Cake

No wonder, cakes are everyone’s favourite but instead of buying it from the store for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and so on, why don’t you give it a try??? So let’s try making this one to add that personal touch for the next birthday party to attend. Nothing better than baking a cake for your dear ones which brings out that personal touch and essence of love through your personalised touch . A birthday wish or a romantic date along with a self made midnight cake is just perfect. So start baking and keep surprising your friends and family members

Chicken Lifafa

  Ingredients Chicken (boneless) Onion (2) Ginger-Garlic Paste Capsicum (medium size 1) Green chillies Salt Sugar Vinegar Vegetable oil For the green chutney Coriander leaves Garlic Chillies Salt Sugar Mustard oil (3tbsp) For making the Lifafa Flour A pinch of Salt Pinch of sugar Oil Milk (4tsbp)   Procedure Take 500gms of boneless chicken and... Continue Reading →

Kesar Firni

Just like Eid is incomplete without Eddi, similarly Edi is also incomplete without delicious food. The Mughlai cuisine offers some lip-smacking desserts like sheer khurma or sevai, firni etc. Today, on the occasion of Eid_ul_fitr, I tried this Homemade Kesar Firni.   INGREDIENTS Milk Sugar (4tbsp) Yellow food colour (optional) Basmati rice (1/2cup) Kesar Cardamom... Continue Reading →

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