5 Detox Water to Keep the Toxins Away!!!

  Hey everyone!  Hope all are doing fine. How often do we drink water? It is said that we should atleast drink water eight glass a day but do we really keep that count in our busy schedule??  In this hard life we all are thriving to get that extra slim body in a flick... Continue Reading →



 Durga Puja just got over and we're still in the festive mood. Subho Bijaya phrase is on and this will continue for few days as well. Every other day we're having guests to attend so this is a quick drink that you can make for your guests and serve them. Ingredients Milk Sugar Poppy seeds... Continue Reading →

Oreo Choco Milkshake

         Hey guys!!!  I believe we all have certain memories related to milk--some may like it while some like me completely hated the taste. Like when I was young, I used to throw away the milk the moment my mother left the room because I never really like the taste of milk. So to... Continue Reading →

Aam Pora

Aam Pora is a delight to have in summer. It is mainly the raw mango which is burned in high flame and then mixed in the grinder . It is super easy to make and takes very little time. So, definitely try this at home and let me know in the comment section below. Ingredients... Continue Reading →

The summer is here and though many of us don’t like the scorching heat yet there is one thing which we can’t resist and that is Mango!!! It hardly takes 15 minutes to prepare it and is extremely healthy. So, you can definitely try this at home and can include this in your daily regime.... Continue Reading →

Ingredients Milk Coffee powder Brownie cake (2) Hershey chocolate syrup Vanilla Ice Cream (2 or 3 scoop) Sugar (optional) Choco chips Procedure In a mixture grinder, add one brownie or any chocolate flavor cake, along with that add one or two scoop of vanilla ice cream to it. In a separate bowl, mix coffee powder with... Continue Reading →

Ingredients Ice cubes Lemon slice (for garnishing) Lime juice Sprite or any colorless carbonated drink Mint leaves Black salt (Rock salt) Sugar (optional) Lemon zest Procedure Take a grinder and add some mint leaves ,some  ice cubes,  a pinch of black salt  and few drops of lemon and grind it properly. Take a glass; pour... Continue Reading →

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